IT Operations

antas specializes in the functional and technical optimization of running the daily IT business for heterogeneous and distributed IT environments. To this end, we developed antas®suite, a consulting service based on a comprehensive and consistent operational concept for complex IT environments.

Regular Business

Regular Business includes all activities necessary for daily operations of the IT infrastructure. It covers all regular functions of an IT operation that have a routine character. The tasks of the regular business are being defined and prepared by the technical management (see below).

Technical Management

Like Regular Business Technical Management has a lot of reoccurring activities. These activities can’t be handled like a routine, however. They have a project like character and make sure that the IT infrastructure is working correctly.

Information Management

Information Management includes all processes concerned with collecting, administering and monitoring of information and documents necessary for running the IT environment (e.g. contracts, statistics, manuals, reports, utilization data).

Management Functions

Management Functions are all functions concerned with planning, steering and controlling of the IT organisation and IT operations. Policies are defined and implementation ensured. Decisions are taken regarding going live and new projects. Usage and development of employees is planned and monitored.