In the out-tasking model, antas takes over individual sub-tasks from the customer and provides a flexible pool of employees who are deployed as required. The customer retains the planning and control and is less dependent.

Classic application possibilities in end-of-live product situations:

  • New systems are planned, under construction or the introduction is planned
  • In parallel, the existing systems must be further developed and / or operated or supported over a longer period of time
  • Your own employees are bound in these “old” systems
  • This is why external resources are hired for the new systems

With the new systems, there is a dependency on external suppliers, with your own employees in a corresponding frustration or, later, possibly a deployment problem.

Overview / Phases

  • Requirements Analysis
    • Team build and technical analysis
  • Handover
    • „Shoulder Principle“
  • Going Live
    • Adjust Services and Costs
    • Adjust SLA
  • Normal Operation

Details (Example HOST Applications)

    • Support and Implementation of all topics of an Outtasking Project
      • Support system specification
        • Define Outtasking Applications
        • Define and define sope of tasks of involved project parties
        • Define SLAs
      • Project Management
      • Support and control migration process
      • Capacity and Quality Management
      • Take over application support according to defined SLAs 
    • Starting Situation
      • Legacy systems based on its own application architecture or the IAA (Insurance Applications Architecture)
      • In-house Applications in the composite area based on a functional object model
      • Application technical basis are e.g. COBOL, IMS, IMS/DC, DB2, RACF
    • Target Situation
      • Decommission legacy applications within 5 years (end of 2024)

antas AG offer

  • Flexible takeover of legacy systems maintenance until the end of the life cycle via defined SLAs and resources


  • Cost reductions because of optimized use of ressources
  • Employees can focus on new developments, dependencies from external providers is reduced
  • Bundling outtasking of applications to antas reduces project overhead – one provider = one contract
  • antas is able to provide a team of expert employees within 6 months that is available long term as well
  • Support of legacy systems until EOL (end of life) is guaranteed
  • antas also has ressources for new developments
  • bundling of additional external employees via antas is possible as well
  • antas has an experienced team of young employees with mainframe know how
  • antas takes over applications you don’t want to support or can’t support
  • antas takes over processes and work flows, consults on and supports innovations
  • antas develops and improves legacy applications if required
  • complex business processes are our core competence
  • timely and secure takeover of business topics
  • quality assured operation of your legacy applications until they are discontinued
  • Optimization, enhancement and migration of applications if required
  • Flexible contract duration and transparent pricing
  • antas has an experienced team of young employees with mainframe know how!